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Magazines by Condition

Magazines by Condition
How we price our vintage adult magazines:
Our adult magazines are priced according to their age and then adjusted for their condition. A perfect porn magazine from 1974 will cost £65.00, the same porn magazine in tatty condition given a grading of 30% will cost just £19.50 (i.e. 30% of the excellent condition price).

How we grade our vintage porn magazines:

We use a percentage figure to grade our xxx magazines. Excellent porn mags are given 100%, Very Good 85% - 95%, Good 70% to 80%, Fair 55% to 65%, Well Read 40% to 50% and Tatty are 35% and less. All our sex magazines are complete (unless otherwise said) and genuine (we do not sell pirated copies). The percentage figure is also used when pricing the vintage porn magazines, the lower the percentage the greater the reduction.

Sections In Magazines by Condition

Excellent Condition - Like New
Only magazines we grade as 100% go into this section. They are usually brand new or owned by a collector who has taken exceptional care of them.

Very Good Condition
Magazines we grade at 85% to 95% are included in this section. All but the most fastidious collector would be proud to own any of these magazines. Th...

Good Condition
Magazines we grade 70% to 80% are included in this section; we consider them good, clean copies without any major problems. There will be a few signs...

Fair Condition
Magazines we grade at 55% to 65% are found in this section. These magazines show signs of wear and are starting to look a little tired. The...

Well Read
Magazines given a grading of 40% to 50% are considered as well read. There will be obvious wear to the cover and possible wear inside the magazine. d...

Tatty Condition
Magazines graded 35% or less are included here. Buyers of these magazines should consider themselves the final owner. They are perfect for their in...